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Vitastic Pita Salad Fillings

Vitastic Pita Breads are ideal for lunches, snacks, bbq's, all occations.

They are versitile as you can fill them with anything to your personal tastes.  Sometimes though it's hard to think of something new to fill a pita that will stir the tastebuds, so here at MEB we have provided some great recipe idea's so you will never fall short of fillings for our pita's.

  • Complexity: very easy

Fruit and Veg Salad Khobz

  • Time: 30-40 Mins (Over night prep)
  • Complexity: easy

Lentil Salad

  • Complexity: very easy

Salad Surprise

  • Complexity: very easy

Salmon Salad Khobz

  • Complexity: easy

Spicy Beef Filling

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